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Thursday, May 21st, 2020
@ 11:52am
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Thursday, May 21st, 2020
@ 11:48am
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Check the Icon   
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
@ 3:55pm
  Today was my second day of work. I had to be there at 6:45 in the morning and I worked until 12:20. I'm so tired. But I get free bread and sweets and drinks. And it's fun. Just really, really tiring.

Annnnd I'm Julia in Fefu and Her Friends. That's very exciting! I'm going to contest again! I'm really happy about the play. It's going to be great.

I love you guys.

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
@ 1:58am
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These two I got from gnr_icons. Sweet right?
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If you are already a one of my friends, you don't have to comment, I love you and want to keep you.

And yes, I did go GNR happy. Hehehe...

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We Built This City   
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
@ 6:36pm
mood: happy
athens was awesome. i had so much fun and i hope everyone else did too. i loved everything about it. staying in caitlins dorm was really cool, listening to all the music, and watching, hmmm, lets see - the dark side of oz, that thing you do, o brother where art thou, phone booth, groundhogs day(sorta, the channel was changed so we never got to see the whole thing), salems lot, and the great mouse detective. am i missing anything? it was great. that and we shopped all day saturday. i got 2 shirts, a skirt, a dress, a belt, 2 posters, 2 records (i got tommy for $5.oo. that made me happy) and food. haha. the hotel was cool too. we ran in the halls and rode the elevator up and down, then ran up and down the stairs. i wish we could have gone on to the roof, but it really doesnt matter. okay, well im going to have to make this short because i have homework to do, but i just want to say i had alot of fun and i love you guys so much.

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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
@ 4:18pm
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There's A Leafless Tree In Asia   
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
@ 3:36pm
mood: nervous
this has been a pretty good weekend so far. my dad came to town so thats cool, and i went to dans party. that was fun. the fireworks got a bit scary, but everyones okay. i liked listening to the music in the van with taylor and john. fun stuff. and james was there. hooray james! i spend the night at ian and taylors and had an awesome breakfast. we watched family guy and i was going to go to the mall with john, taylor, and shannon but since my dads here and my grandma will be here shortly (ah!) i couldnt go. i hope you guys have fun though. my dad and brother are assembling chris' new drum set... this house is gonna be fun now. i dont care how, but that room better be sound proof... soon. its cool that he plays drums and guitar and bass, but drums are loud.

so right now is the calm before the storm. shes not here yet. but itll happen soon, and when it does... *cringes*

im gonna post pictures of last weekend.

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Every Time I Look In The Mirror...   
Friday, April 15th, 2005
@ 4:07pm
mood: cold
hello all. phefy and lydia are on the way to my house right now. theyre walking. its so nice living this close to people. we were going to walk to bobbys after they got here, but my mom doesnt want me leaving the house because shes not here, so oh well.

um, today was sad. I MISS MELYNDA! and yes were doing something, one of these days. itll probably be in a month, but itll happen.

i cant wait for tomorrow. its going to be alot of fun. yay. my hands are really cold...

oh, so the list of people coming to my confirmation - lydia, stephanie, bobby, eli, and logan. yay. they can all laugh at me. im going to be laughing too. id say we could do something afterwards, but its a monday night so there arent may options. that and my dad and grandma will be in town so ill be spending time with them.

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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
@ 9:36pm
mood: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MELYNDA INAE GARRET! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE NORTHWEST! I WILL CRY TOMORROW! I LOVE YOU TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO MUCH! yes we can still do things together outside of school but we live 30 minutes away from each other so it doesnt work as well. DAMMIT I DONT WANT YOU TO LEAVE! HEALTH WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU! AND NEITHER WILL THEATRE! I AM SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO CRY HERE! ahhhh!!!!!!! no!!!! this is my first year knowing you and being friends with you and now youre leaving! were doing something very soon! we cant this weekend or the weekend after that, but after THAT we are getting together and doing something! trying on more dresses or just sitting and eating were doing it! i love you and will miss you and be prepared for the biggest hug EVER tomorrow!

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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
@ 7:08pm
mood: sleepy
i felt really weird today. i started shaking in english and didnt feel well at all. i called my mom and she came and got me from school. i dont think i would have done too well on the bus. im better now though. we went to go pick chris up from piedmont and i saw people there. i hugged logan and lydnsey (sorry, dont remember how to spell it) and other people. apparently logan and eli are coming to my confirmation. score. and lydia you should definantly come. itll be great. if anyone else wants to come feel free, but honestly i dont see the point. when we got home today we watched gardenstate, but i fell asleep. it helped though because i really do feel better.

...hmmmmm... i still have chemistry to do, but i think were going to watch one more movie. its a johnny depp movie called "dead man." ive never seen it but i hear its good.

i called dan today. apparently hes feeling better so yay. alright, im going to go. I love you guys.

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
@ 10:26pm


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I Think You Have My Stapler   
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
@ 4:28pm
mood: okay

hes coming up for my confirmation. he hasnt been here for a while now, we normally go to florida, but not this time. yay.

today wasnt too great. we went to reids, which was fun, but the weather was such crap. i started to get a sore throat but i drank some tea and had some long dan so im doing better.

i think bobby liked my music. thats a good thing. i hope so anyway. i liked his.

alright, im going, but before i leave "weve got a piper down. i repeat, weve got a piper down. hes not dead hes just pissed."

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Everyone Love Magical Trevor   
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
@ 9:28pm
mood: thirsty
i dont know why im updating. i just felt like it. i need to go take a shower. its raining alot. for a while there there was a flash flood warning... for my house. i dont think the wild cats outside are very happy with all the wetness. probably wont be very friendly for a while. i want to write something meaningful. im reading insomnia. its the first thing ive read since finishing the dark tower. its really good. i love it... alot. no its not the tower but its close. im riding to school with maddie thursday morning. fun stuff. early stuff too. its early every morning. i really should go take a shower. i want to play guitar more than i do. that means less computer. okay. sounds good. maybe ill get things done for once. not starting tonight though. too tired to do anything other than the norm. i talked to graeson on the phone today. that was fun. hes really cool. now im seriously going to go shower.

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Toys, Toy, Toys... In The Attic   
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
@ 3:30pm
mood: contemplative
wow. okay, so apparently ive been away on one of my computers for 2 days now so i had this really weird away message on that chris decided would be funny to put up. that was interesting to see when i got on.

today was pretty good. the activity we did in english was alot of fun. anything that has anything to do with music is always great.

my favorite part of the day was the bus ride though. bobby rode and he and i had a really deep talk about music. it was cool to see what he thought about everything and how we agree on so many things. i love our deep talks. they really are calming and its nice to talk to someone about one thing for hours and really connect while doing it.

im burning a mix cd for bobby right now. were going to have a music switch tomorrow. thatll be fun.

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Axel Rose = One Crazy Mofo   
Monday, April 11th, 2005
@ 10:27pm
mood: fun fun fun
today was so great! it started off with me getting a 90 on a chemistry quiz (yay *spasms in disbelief*) and then getting to take a nap in WAE because i copied my monologue in record time! then health, fun as always and civic... eh. AFTER CIVICS WAS AWESOME THOUGH! why you might ask, well ill tell you.

i was walking to the bus and here comes SHANNON and she asks me if i want to go home with her so im like "hell yes." so i call my mom to ask, but she doesnt answer her phone (shannon and i have tried doing this many times, but she never answers) so i leave a message saying i going over there... so i do. it was great great great fun. we watched love actually and part of stand by me. fun stuff. on the way up there she and i were talking in our crazy bestfriend language and meg had no idea what we were saying. i felt bad, but i think she was content with singing along with the radio. during dinner bohemenian rhapsody came on, so of course we sang. that was fun! come now, surely you sing queen every time you eat spaghetti?!?!? hmmm, okay, i must leave shortly so i cant go into too much more detail, but when we were riding back to my house we listened to guns n roses and the b52s. it was GREAT! we have our own "air band." i play air guitar and shannon plays air drums. if anyone knows how to play air bass, we would love to have you join. we still need a name, but i think its going to work out. no air keyboard though. thats just... well, do i really have to say it? thought not.

head banging is a dangerous sport.

now i have to do spanish homework. SCORE!

but today was awesome. oh, and thank you everyone who was concerned about the whole "i hate it when people lie thing." seriously, its okay now. it all worked out.


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The Girl In The Window   
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
@ 10:14pm
mood: happy
The girl in the window is sleeping right now
So tired of fighting when she doesn’t know how.
What is going through her head no one will ever know
Except for the boy that makes her face glow.

They meet in secret in the dead of the night
They never care about what’s wrong or what’s right.
Losing the love of his two best friends
They’re getting closer to the end.

Never stopping to think they might get caught
The girl never remembers she’s already been bought.
They love each other more than they thought they ever could
But unlike any other case love will not lead to good.

The townspeople wonder and select words are said
Many rumors are beginning to spread.
The girl is attacked but can’t say a thing
After all she was his before this boy came.

Friends growing farther and farther apart
All because of a love stricken heart.
A fight breaks out after their meal
Childhood friends who know ka is a wheel.

The middle man breaks up the rumble
He knows they both don’t like to tumble.
With a hug and a couple of cried pardons
The weakened friendship quickly hardens.

The three boys find the girl
All say she looks like a pearl.
Four bound together, or so they think
They go to beat the evil outside of a rink.

The girl is told to stay inside
She has to run away and hide.
He won’t lose her ever, not now
But it’s not like there’s anyway how.

The girl in the window is sleeping right now
So tired of fighting when she doesn’t know how.
What is going through her head no one will ever know
Except for the boy who makes her face glow.

The boys stop all who run
Each of them hold their father’s gun.
While they fight someone struggles hard
They weren’t expecting this wild card.

The girl in the window is sleeping right now
So tired of fighting when she doesn’t know how.
What is going through her head no one will ever know
Except for the boy who makes her face glow.

He stops dead knowing something is wrong
The war around him seems like a song.
Running in circles trying to find her
A shot is fired but it’s only a blur.

A stake is set waiting for a body
She is dragged screaming and bloody.
Once tied down she calls out his name
The fire is set but she stays the same.

He cannot find her but still he tries
He realizes what’s happened and then he cries.
She calls out to him professing her love
Tears trickle down to the flames from her face above.

The girl in the window is sleeping right now
So tired of fighting when she doesn’t know how.
What is going through her head no one will ever know
Not even the boy who makes her face glow.

She slowly sleeps while he passes out
Too late for stopping he took the wrong route.
His only love has now gone away
They’ll meet in the clearing at the end of his days.

okay, i put this in here because taylor wanted me to and john said he liked it so i hope you do too!

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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
@ 8:54pm
  I hate it when people lie.  

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He's Her SECRETARY Now?   
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
@ 4:10pm
mood: bored...
so, im about to burn this cd. its ummmm... oh wait... what is it...? oh crap... its not stone temple pilots. no, of course not. shannon doesnt want THAT one. ummmmm, no... what is it? damn! its not the black crowes either. and i never said id burn her the wall. hmmmm... well i just cant remember.


so, im burning stone temple pilots - core, pink floyd - the wall, the black crowes - shake your money maker, ac/dc - ballbreaker, and the beatles - let it be... naked. is there anything else anyone wanted? i have quite the colletion, so just tell me. wait, john. did you want ballbreaker or back in black? it was back in black wasnt it? okay, either way, ill just do both.

its really quiet here. im the only one home... its weird.

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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
@ 2:09pm
mood: SO MUCH FUN!
hahahah, i had so much fun with everybody over. lets see it was shannon, casey, quinn, lydia, and stephanie and it was GREAT! we watched "Now and Then" and then ate alot of pizza (we seriously ordered pizza 3 times in one night) and watched alot of videos on the internet. that was fun - the badgers (LOTRs badgers and regular), shiffty five, banana phone, magical trevor, that guy that sings in romanian, and lots of others. after that we went and walked down the WT Harris just because and we had a total of 29 (i thought 28, but apparently there was one more) guys either honk, whistle, or yell at us through their windows. that was interesting, especially since this all happened in about 20 minutes. i was waiting for someone we knew to drive by. that would have been hilarious. we all felt soooo hott. then we came back here and watched saved and after that we were going to watch the notebook, but instead we went upstairs and took sexy pictures of us holding my guitars and... other things. hahaha. i started talking to people online but then was like "AH! no! must get off!" so i did and we went on my back porch for a while and laid on the sides. it was quite fun. all the stars were really pretty. then we watched zoolander. after that we got two strip teases from quinn, but everytime she went to put on clothes, shannon, stephanie, and i would go hide. it was fun. we listened to alot of music and ate ALOT of chocolate. we also pelted each other with it, and smacked each others asses alot (but come on. we do that all the time). shannon and i talked alot and that was fun. then around 3 we went upstairs and watched "It." ah! creepy clown! ah! we finally shut that off at 4, but didnt get to sleep until almost 5. we slept until 11 though so we got enough. then i cooked breakfast (french toast, woot woot) and everyone started leaving. we took lydia and stephanie home and then dropped chris off at the movies and then came back here. thats when i started writing this. now i have to go do chemistry. blah! thats all i can say... blah. people should call me. yeah you should.

oh, and all of us (except lydia because she was on AIM) gave stephanie a lapdance. it was great.


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Off To Never Never Land   
Friday, April 8th, 2005
@ 4:01pm
mood: eh...
okay, so i dont know if ive posted this yet or not (if i have, i apoligize), but if you like the song "Look What You've Done" by Jet, then you NEED to listen to "Golden Slumbers" by The Beatles. during spring break we (as in my dad and i)noticed this shocking similarity. would you like to know what it is? ITS THE EXACT SAME MUSIC!!!!!!!!! forget the lyrics, listen to the music THE MUSIC I TELL YOU! we listened to both songs at the same time and it was identical for the first minute or so. i really liked Jet, but come to find out (well, i found this out a while ago, but whatever) they steal stuff from older bands all the time. FUN! what do they do get the tabs from your local guitar center? "we have to mix it around, next we go to music go round, then sam ash!" i have lost the respect i once had for them. but at least they choose good music... i guess thats a plus. but theyre not getting in any trouble for this and george harrison was put through hell when he did it. eh, i dunno. i found it interesting.

so today wasnt too bad i guess.

has anyone ever seen the monty python sketch with the giant hedgehog that says "Dinsdale?" its hilarious. in our english books today it said "Demmesdale" and i laughed because it sounded like Dinsdale, but two other girls thought it actually was Demmesdale, but i looked it up just now and i was right! yes that was completely pointless and no, i dont care! i love monty python.

alright, im going to talk to people on AIM.

its started raining...

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